Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is there credibility to these posts, and if yes, what should we do about it?

Q6. Is there credibility to these posts, and if yes, what should we do about it?

Ancient GR: A6. It's not about credibility, it's about experiences. If Chello had bad experience with bandog's then his opinion is credible.

DanUK: Again, broken-record, but agreed. However, a caveat to this would also be that trainer's should also realise if their own commentary is for whatever prejudice.

Trainers of the caliber of a Paul Cipparone (prime example having titled GSD's, Malinois, Rottweiller's, Terverun's and Cao Fila de Sao Miguel among others), Dominic Donovan, Ivan Balabanov and others are relatively rare. Many respected trainers have only experienced great success in relatively limited context and as such despite expectations to the contrary, do not have the experience/knowledge/open-mindedness to vary their approach to the dog/situation. This is not a point made in reference to any of the posters alluded to, but one made in a far broader context. It must be noted however, that consequently it is far from uncommon that negative experiences with alternative breeds are actually product of the trainer, rather than the dog itself.

Katrina Hartwell AU: It depends on how many Bandogs’ and the broadness of the sample this opinion is based on as to how relevant it is. If that's what his experience has taught him then that's his opinion. It won’t change until he meets some better Bandog’s!!!

MaTi US: You cannot expect ANY breed to work. I'd say it's almost impossible for any breeder to guarantee it in a PUPPY. Health and temperament yes… Work Ethic? That's something that is often cultivated more so than innate. Put the two together and YES I'd expect that Bandog to work. When we agree that ANY breed is NOT bred to work... that breed is going to shit in no time. Many dogs bred to work simply do not possess the ethic. Worse when the ethic is there but not the structure or health to be able to work. I say Psyche first. Structure is not as hard to preserve.

Many dogs bred for sport have potential BEYOND most average sport trainers. These dogs excel at sport in the right hands as well as PP. These dogs are often much too hard… confident… dominant… aggressive… intuitive… discerning… available... powerful and intense for most Sport trainers.

These are the dogs that the BEST Sport trainers seek out. Some of the BEST sport dogs out there WILL naturally protect in every way. There are NO ultimates. Weak dogs in Sport… Hard ones as well. Weak pp dogs that couldn't do sport if they tried… Hard-ass Sport dogs that need FAIRNESS and RESPECT to be able to work in Sport and perform incredibly. Take that dog to the street and you'll see even more.

Philippe Roy CA: And, whom can you blame for having doubts about the ability of Bandogges, when very few people are willing to step up to the plate with their dogs?

Nobody else is going to prove the worth of the type for y'all.